Climate tools are based on weather stations and gridded weather data from different sources. They are designed to inform users on current climate conditions and the effects of annual cycles such as the El Niño Southern Oscillation on weather patterns in the Southeastern U.S.A.


Rainfall and Temp. Monitoring

Observed rainfall and temperature


Rainfall and temperature climatology (1950-2013)

Climatology – Caribbean   new

Rainfall and temperature climatology (1979-2017)
for Caribbean islands

Weather Stations

Climatology and current observations for selected
weather stations in the Southeast USA

Freeze Risk Probabilities

Freeze probabilities based on El Niño Southern
Oscillation (ENSO) phases

Heat Stress Monitoring   new

Accumulated daily maximum temperature
above the thresholds of 82ºF, 86ºF, 90ºF, 93ºF or 97ºF.

Crop Disease


Crop disease tools are developed primarily to provide information about risk of infection and need to apply pesticides or not based on environmental conditions. They help growers avoid unnecessary applications and reduce cost of production.

Strawberry Advisory System

Risk of Anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rot

Blueberry Advisory System

Risk of Anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rot

Citrus Copper Application Scheduler

Copper residue calculator

Citrus Advisory System

Risk of Postbloom fruit drop

Crop Yield & Development


Crop yield tools are designed to help users investigate the effects of climate on crop yield and development. They are based both on historical yield records and crop model simulations.

County Yield Statistics

Crop yield series, trends and residuals at the county level

Planting Date Planner

Probability of low, medium, and high yields based
on planting dates

Crop Season Planning

Plan your crop season based on phenological stages
date ranges with extreme weather events probabilities

Degree Days & Chill Hours


Degree days and chill hours calculators are designed to track degree days and chill hours accumulation based on different base temperatures and models.

Cooling and Heating Degree
Days Calculator

Monitoring and forecasting of cooling and
heating degree days

Chill Hours Monitoring

Monitoring maps of chill hours

Growing Degree Days Monitoring

Monitoring maps of growing degree days

Growing Degree Days Calculator

Monitoring and forecasting of growing
degree days for selected crops

Chill Hours Calculator

Monitoring and forecasting of chill hours

Drought Indices


Drought Indices tools are generic tools designed to monitor and quantify water stress conditions affecting crops in the Southeastern U.S.A.

ARID (Spatial)

Agricultural Reference Index for Drought

ARID (Stations)

Agricultural Reference Index for Drought

Footprint Calculators


Footprint calculators are designed to help the agricultural industry evaluate the sustainability of crop production systems in the Southeastern U.S.A.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

Emission of greenhouse gases to produce,
store, and transport strawberry.