ENSO Forecast

Climate Phase Forecast for the Next 3 Months

Seasonal Forecast

Seasonal forecast from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. How to read the seasonal forecast maps?

Precipitation Short-term Forecast

Total Precipitation for the Next 2 Days (48 Hours). You may want to take a look on our forecast tool.

The AgroClimate's Mission

The Mission of the UF/IFAS AgroClimate group is to develop knowledge in agrometeorology/agroclimatology and transfer that knowledge to help agricultural managers mitigate production risks associated with climate variability and change.

Why use AgroClimate?

Agricultural production is always subjected to risk associated with climate variability. AgroClimate tools can help producers reduce production risk and increase productivity.

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Strawberry Advisory System App

Strawberry growers can receive alerts for Botrytis and Anthracnose fruit rot to better schedule fungicide applications reducing costs by spraying only when necessary.

Disease risk alert

Disease risk alert notifications based on observed and forecast weather conditions.

Spray recommendations

Spray recommendations based on disease risk level and previous applications.

Reliable guidance

Product recommendation.

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AgroClimate Extension Program at the University of Florida

Our main goal is to provide stakeholders in Florida with trusted, useful, and science-based information and tools to aid them in making informed decisions with respect to climate variability and change. Specific objectives include:

Increase climate science literacy of cooperative extension faculty and stakeholders on their ability of understanding impacts of climate variability and change on the agricultural sector

Develop climate-based information and decision support systems to help producers adapt to climate variability and change and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases as well as improve carbon sequestration opportunities for Florida agriculture

Integrate extension and research communities to facilitate the transfer of technologies and information about research gaps and needs of the industry

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