Team Members


Ana Wagner

  • Speciality: Remote sensing & GIS.
  • Area: Effects of climate variability on vegetation indices; Spatial analysis; NASS/Nebraska project coordination.
  • Interests: digital art, garden design, movies & documentaries, travelling and metaphysics.        

Caroline G. Staub

  • Speciality: Geography, climatology
  • Area: The spatial configuration of agroclimate, geographic principles, ARID tool, AgroClimate applications.
  • Interests: Cooking multi-ethnic food. Travels, experiencing new cultures, hearing people's stories.

Clyde Fraisse

  • Speciality: Agricultural engineering, Agrometeorology, Crop modeling
  • Area: Project director, climate extension services, decision support tools, modelling.
  • Interests: Running, travel, learning from farmers around the world.

Daniel Dantas Barreto

  • Speciality: Statistics
  • Area: Data Analysis; risk of diseases; GIS data analysis.
  • Interests: Sports(Basketball, Soccer); reading any book with a good story; different kind of movies and TV series.                                                                        

Diego Noleto Luz Pequeno

  • Speciality: Pasture and crop modelling
  • Area: Phenology tool, indices for extreme weather events and climate change scenarios on crops.
  • Interests: Acoustic guitar, biking, hiking, horse riding, barbecuing, and soccer.

Eduardo Gelcer

  • Speciality: Agrometeorology, agroclimatology, models
  • Area: AgroClimate Mozambique (, spatial tools, ARID tool, extension.
  • Interests: Basketball, tennis, biking, soccer and scuba diving; travelling and cooking.

Fred W. Williams

  • Speciality: Computer infrastructure management and data acquisition.
  • Area: Crop Systems Simulation Laboratory, automated data collection and support for Agricultural research.
  • Interests: Fly rod fishing, hiking, observing wildlife, music.

José H. Andreis

  • Speciality: iOS development
  • Area: Designing, development and distribution of AgroClimate mobile applications. Database management.
  • Interests: Technology, coding hacks, FPV racing, travelling.                                                                                  

Hermes Gerardo Cuervo

  • Speciality: Remote sensing, vegetation index, climate index, GIS data analysis
  • Area: Relationship between vegetation indexes and climate variables.
  • Interests: Swimming, scuba diving, technology, reading books.                          

Oxana Uryasev

  • Speciality: Analytics, data analyses, software
  • Area: Designing and developing of Agrocimate dynamic tools and databases; maintaining the web site.
  • Interests: Art, painting, mosaic. Other activities: travelling, kayaks, loving my family.

Thiago Borba Onofre

  • Speciality: Electrical engineering
  • Area: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Strawberry Advisory System.
  • Interests: My work is definitely a hobby to me, I also enjoy reading, swimming, music (I play the keyboard), spending time with family and friends.

Vinicius Andrei Cerbaro

  • Speciality: Computer Science, Software Engineer
  • Area: Server management, databases
  • Interests: Wearable technology, automation systems. Drones and DIY (Do it Yourself) projects. Biking and soccer.

Xiaozhen Shen

  • Speciality: Databases, software, statistics
  • Area: Agroclimate database management, Agroclimate tools programming.
  • Interests: Meditation, walking, travelling and eating.