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From Climate Variability to Climate Change: Extension Challenges and Opportunities in the Southeast USA

The long-term goal of this project is to build an effective Climate Extension program in the Southeast USA that will contribute to the existence of a vibrant and sustainable agricultural industry in the region, that is capable of adapting to and mitigating risks associated with climate variability and change. By using participatory approaches and taking advantage of established partnerships with the agricultural industry already engaged in our existing climate extension program, we aim to find and develop climate adaptation and mitigation strategies with increased chance of adoption by producers in the southeastern USA. For more informaton visit: http://www.AgroClimate.org/seclimate Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA

Reducing Forage Producers Drought Vulnerability in the Southeastern USA

Our overall goal under this project is to develop and deliver a drought monitoring and forecasting system specifically designed to help forage producers in the southeastern U.S. adapt and mitigate risks associated with climate variability. A simple, yet reliable water deficit index will be monitored and forecast based on weather data collected by weather networks in Florida and Georgia, short term weather forecast provided by the NWS, and ENSO phases. The system will be developed with intensive stakeholder participation and made available on http://www.AgroClimate.org. Training workshops and outreach events will be conducted to train extension faculty and producers in the use of the web-based tools developed under this project. Venues will include field days, extension staff training, and regional meetings of producer associations. Principal Investigators: Clyde W. Fraisse and Yoana Newman (University of Florida), Norman Breuer (University of Miami), Joel Paz and Dennis Hancock (University of Georgia).Funding Agency: NOAA - Sector Applications Research Program (SARP)

Decision Support System for Risk Reduction in Agriculture - AgroClimate Paraguay

Our main goal under this project is to introduce producers in Paraguay to the use of crop models and seasonal climate forecast as a strategy to reduce production risks associated with climate variability. Project activities include 1) To conduct stakeholder assessments to better understand end user and boundary organization needs and expectations; 2) To evaluate ENSO effects on soybean yields using crop simulation models; 3) To conduct a crop modeling workshop to train researchers from Paraguay on the use of crop simulation models; and 4) To evaluate the feasibility of implementing a web-based decision support system enabling producers in Paraguay to evaluate strategies for minimizing production risks associated with climate variability. Principal Investigators: Clyde W. Fraisse (University of Florida), Norman Breuer (University of Miami). Julian Baez (Universidad Catolica Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, Paraguay), Carlos Alberto Forcelini. Jose Mauricio Fernandes an, and Willingthon Pavan (Universidade de Passo Fundo, Brazil). Funding Agency: Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI)

Determination of Carbon Footprint Baselines for Florida Strawberry Production and Transportation Systems

Climate change is now accepted by the majority of the scientific community as a real and present threat to our livelihood. Now, society is starting to demand actions from governments and the private sector to reduce the emissions of GHG across the globe. The main objective of this study is to determine emission baselines of strawberry production in Florida and prepare producers to respond to market pressures regarding the potential impact of their production systems on climate change. Principal Investigators: Clyde W. Fraisse and Wendel Porter University of Florida, Funding Agency: Florida Strawberry Growers Associaton

Development of a disease forecast system for strawberries as a tool on AgroClimate

A disease forecasting system to predict anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rot epidemics on strawberries is being developed and will be made available to growers through the web-based risk management information system AgroClimate.org. Principal Investigators: Natalia A. Peres, University of Florida, GCREC, and Clyde W. Fraisse. University of Florida, Dept. of Agricultural & Biological Engineering. Funding Agency: USDA - Risk Management Agency (RMA)

Climate information system for agriculture and water resource management in the SE USA

The main goal of this project is to develop and refine methods to incorporate climate forecasts in water resource management in the southeastern USA and document and assess the utility and impact of climate forecast information provided to stakeholders in agriculture and water resource management. Principal Investigators: James W. Jones, Keith Ingram, and Clyde Fraisse. University of Florida, Funding Agency: NOAA.

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